How Companies Prepare For Product Commercialization During Development

August 22, 2017

For the best chance of successful drug reimbursement your commercial strategy must be aligned with regulatory planning and product development plans. Addressing market access at the beginning of the process is key to clinical development success.

“We need to convince senior managers in local countries to invest appropriately in market access.” 

PAREXEL conducted in-depth interviews with industry leaders to glean their expert opinion on market access and product commercialization and to identify best practice. Interviewing a range of industry influencers has also identified emerging practices and common challenges. 

Some of the findings include: 
• 86% of industry leaders agreed market access planning is key 
• Most felt market access should be invested in throughout development 
• 3 in 4 agreed that clinical, regulatory and commercial teams work well together 
• The biggest challenges affecting market access are: lack of internal alignment and lack of internal understanding 

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